Equipped with more than 52 years of experience and 43 awards received, our crew at Paesanella is proud to present yet another mouth-watering product - the buffalo bocconcini.

Currently, we are a manufacturer of 13 types of cheese and our company also runs a pizza bar and a food emporium. With all these products and more on the way, we are now one of the top cheese suppliers to various supermarkets, restaurants and delicatessens in Sydney, Australia.

What is Buffalo Bocconcini?

While most of our cheeses are made using cow’s milk, buffalo bocconcini are made from 100% fresh Australian buffalo’s milk.

Terminology-wise, ‘bocconcini’ itself means ‘little mouthfuls’ in Italian, due to the fact that they are well-suited to be eaten in a bite or two.

Our Serving Suggestion

Buffalo milk tastes much more buttery than cow’s milk due to the amount of butter fat in it. As such, the thick and creamy taste of pasteurized buffalo milk makes it a delicious treat that goes well on its own, or along with a fresh garden salad with some cherry tomatoes.

Since this cheese is considered unripe, simply having it with some olive oil will also make it a delicious snack.

If you intend to have this cheese along with some wine, our crew at Paesanella Cheese have found it to go very well with white wine such as Marlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

We Suggest Buffalo Bocconcini For You If…

If you like mild cheese that does not taste too strong, slightly salty and feels buttery smooth in your mouth, we recommend you to try the buffalo milk cheese.

Our Buffalo Bocconcini

We package our buffalo bocconcini using the traditional method  of immersing them in plastic tubs filled with brine. We have molded this cheese to be round - just as intended - and the size of an egg.

When you pop one of these into your mouth, you will find that our buffalo bocconcini has a springy texture. In addition, its unique properties will enable it to absorb the taste and flavors of other food that it is eaten with.

If you are interested to sample our buffalo bocconcini, we are available to help you out with any questions that you might have, or if you are interested in having us supply our range of cheese to your premises.

Simply head to the ‘contact us’ page and get in touch with us via any of the channels that we provide.

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