Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers is 100% Australian-owned cheese making enterprise with deep Italian roots. The company was founded in 1962 and continues to offer gourmet Italian cheese to Aussie families to this day.

At Paesanella, we’re absolutely passionate about making authentic Italian cheese and we still use traditional Italian methods, which leads to really high-quality cheese that we’re proud to share with the world.

Behind Paesanella

Paesanella is a family run business that is still led by the original owner’s wife, Teresa, and two sons, Joseph and Max, who both share their father’s passion and gusto for making authentic Italian cheese the old-fashioned way.

Throughout the years, Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers has never compromised when it comes to following the original vision and formula that made their cheeses so revered and loved by Australian families.

What is Bocconcini Cheese?

Aptly named, Bocconcini means ‘small mouthfuls’ in Italian and they are basically tiny mozzarella cheeses that have been molded into their now distinct egg-like shape. Originally from Naples, this type of cheese was initially made using exclusively the milk of water buffalo.

However, all the while employing the traditional Italian technique of using a higher moisture content when compared to other cheeses in the Mozzarella family. Similar to other mozzarella, Bocconcini takes on a rindless, off-white appearance and has a semi-soft texture that just melts in your mouth.

Our Cherry Bocconcini

While our Cherry Bocconcini is proudly made in Australia, it still preserves its distinct Italian flavor. This is thanks to the fact that we make our Bocconcini using the same traditional approach that is reminiscent of the childhood flavors and textures that our founder, Umberto, grew up with in Italy so many decades ago.

As a result, we’ve managed to maintain a really high standard of production to bring you a great, quality product. Our Cherry Bocconcini has a mild but delicious flavor, which adds piquancy to lush and vibrant salads, while bringing out the best in Mediterranean flavors like olive oil and fresh herbs.

When tasting it, expect to savor a delicate smoothness not unlike that of al dente pasta. Moreover, we package it with lightly salted water inside a tightly sealed container, which is resealable to retain its freshness for longer.

You’ll also be happy to know that we use all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Furthermore, we use a non-animal rennet, which makes our Cherry Bocconcini an ideal option for vegetarians as well.

Cherry Bocconcini is best served as the star of a bocconcini salad alongside fresh, ripe tomatoes, basil, black olives and parsley, seasoned with ground black pepper. You are also able to enjoy it on pizzas, or pour it lightly melted over tomato soup.

If you want a taste of Italy while in Australia, check out Paesanella at Marrickville. Our Cherry Bocconcini will surely not disappoint you.

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