You can go out to the regular grocery store and buy cheese, like many people do, but at Paesanella, we believe that our cheese is just a cut above the rest. We have been working for over 50 years in order to provide you with the tastiest and largest variety of cheeses possible, including ricotta cheese.

If you are looking for a little ricotta - just to try or for your next recipe - consider us before getting the usual processed cheese.

What is Pure Milk Ricotta?

Ricotta is considered a byproduct of the cheese production since it’s made using the whey from the bocconcini/mozzarella, and that’s how our Traditional Ricotta is made. But our signature Fresh Pure Milk Ricotta is made only using fresh Australian milk without the addition of any whey, following the traditional Neapolitan recipe that Umberto Somma brought over from Italy when he moved to Australia.

Over 4 liters of milk go in one kilo of our Fresh Pure Milk Ricotta and that’s why it’s more expensive than all the other ricottas around. We are also the only company in Australia that are able to produce this type of product since it’s very delicate and requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

By using only milk you get to try a Ricotta like no others. Creamier and sweeter, smoother and softer than your average ricotta.

Fresh Pure Milk Ricotta is produced only by Paesanella Cheese in Australia. You can find it in all the best stores and grocers in 2kg and 1kg basket and 375g tubs, plus you can come and buy it hot, straight out of the factory, at our store in Marrickville.

You Can Buy Directly From Our Emporium