You can go out to the regular grocery store and buy cheese, like many people do, but at Paesanella, we believe that our cheese is just a cut above the rest. We have been working for over 50 years in order to provide you with the tastiest and largest variety of cheeses possible, including ricotta cheese.

If you are looking for a little ricotta - just to try or for your next recipe - consider us before getting the usual processed cheese.

History of Ricotta

For those of you who are curious, here is just a little bit of ricotta history. It is a cheese as old as the Roman republic, when production was regulated by Cato the Elder. This stateman regulated how the whey was used, because back then, sheep’s milk had multiple uses.

Ricotta was discovered accidentally though, during the production of pecorino - something which we are personally happy about.

What is Ricotta?

Ricotta cheese is a creamy type of cheese that you are able to scoop out of a container with a spoon. It is made from leftover whey from our mozzarella and bocconcini , making it fairly low fat and high in protein. You might confuse the appearance with cottage cheese, but the texture is not the same, as ricotta is drier and with a grainier texture.

Technically, ricotta is not a type of cheese though. It is actually what’s known as a latticino, another word meaning dairy by-product.

How it’s Made

As mentioned, ricotta is made from the whey of other cheeses. So, once we have the curd, we are able to drain the whey and get started.

We add more fresh milk to the whey and we reheat the content in a stainless steel vat. When ready, it will float, which is a sign that we have made it properly and we can scoop it out. After it has drained in colanders for at least 4-6 hours in a cool room, it is ready to be packed or served.

We don’t use any powders or preservatives and that’s why our Traditional Ricotta should be consumed within 3 weeks. If a Ricotta lasts 4 months on the shelf, they probably made it with casein and whey powder.

Ricotta with Recipes

If you have not tried ricotta yet, you might wonder what recipes you are able to use it in. Well, fresh ricotta is actually very versatile and can simply be spread on toast if you don’t want to use butter. You will also see it in many Italian desserts like cheesecakes, cannoli and cookies.

Try it as part of cannelloni, lasagna or pizza too, since it goes so well with tomato sauces, thanks to how thick it is.

It’s not hard to find commercial cheeses everywhere with how many mass-produced products there are these days. However, if you want a fresh taste of Italy without having to travel there, come visit us at Paesanella or find us in store for a ricotta that’s unlike any other.

Stop by for a delicious taste of any of our fresh cheeses and to see if we might be able to suggest some recipe tips for your next ricotta tasting.

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